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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age is a time from when a particular domain exists. Like if a domain was created in 2015, which means the domain age is 6 years by 2021. 

Why Domain Age Checker by w3-tools?

Our Domain Age checker is one of the best tools because we provide in-depth details about a domain name. Many online domain age checkers will give you only the age of a domain name in years but our tool will give the following things:

  • Domain Age in Year and Days
  • Domain Created Date
  • Domain Last Updated Date
  • Domain Expiry Date

So this tool is not only the domain age checker, also it will tell you all the things like expiry and update date. With these features, you can easily say that our tool is a complete domain name checker tool to analyze a domain name. 

Importance of Domain Age

There are many factors that play a very important role in search engine optimization commonly known as SEO when it comes to the ranking of a website, like Backlinks, Keyword Density, Meta Tags, Meta description, and Word Counts are the most common and significant, but also there is another very important factor that the most webmasters and SEO experts often overlook is Domain Age. 

That's the reason many companies try to buy an old domain name for their websites. 

There are two reasons why you want to check the age of a domain name.

  1. You want to check the age of your competitor's domain name.
  2. You want to buy an already existing domain name.

Either way, you can use our free Domain Age Checker Online Tool to check the complete details about the domain name. 

Why Domain Age Matters?

The first thing about the old domain name is the domain name may have some quality backlinks and if it has some backlinks, you can rank higher in search engines. 

You can get the idea about the reputation of the domain name and if you start from scratch with a new domain name, you have to work harder to get the idea about the reputation of the domain name. 

With the old domain name, search engine indexing will be faster and your SEO will be improved. 

How to Use Domain Age Checker by w3-tools?

Step 1: Open the Free SEO Tools by

Step 2: Click on the tool Domain Age Checker. 

Step 3: Enter the domain name you want to check and click on Check.

Step 4: You will get the details about the domain name. 

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