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About Link Analyzer

This Free Link Analyzer tool is one of the best tools in free 50+ SEO Tools by w3-tools. 
Link Analyzer tool is used to analyze links on any website. If you are a webmaster and you want to check the inbound and outbound links on your webpage, then you can use our free link analyzer tool. 

How Free Link Analyzer tool works?

Our free link analyzer tool will search for all links on the webpage you provided and provide you a list of all the links with anchor text. 

The Free Link Analyzer tool by w3-tools will show the following results in the output:

  1. Total Number of Links on the given webpage
  2. Number of Internal Links
  3. Number of External Links
  4. Number of NoFollow Links
  5. All internal and external links with anchor text.

How to Use Free Link Analyzer Tool?

It is very simple and easy to use, all you have to do is simply put the URL of a webpage, and this free link analyzer tool will show you the list of all the links on your webpage. You can download all the links in the CSV file by clicking on "Export as CSV". 

Why Link Analyzing is important?

Link analyzing is an important concept in SEO because it will improve your SEO. You can check your inbound and outbound links with NoFollow links so that you can compare them with your competitor's links to further improve your site's search engine optimization. 

Why Free Link Analyzer by w3-Tools?

  • Easy to Use
  • 100% Free Forever
  • No Sign Up required
  • No Expertise Required
  • Check unlimited URLs
  • List Both Internal and External Links
  • NoFollow and DoFollow Links
  • Export your links as CSV 

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