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About Online Ping Website Tool

So you are uploading more high-quality content on your website and you want more people to see it. But it's really frustrating when a search engine's crawler doesn't index your site properly and you end up not getting traffic from the search engine. 

To cope with the issue, you need to ping your website. Pinging is like saying to search engines that you have updated fresh content on your site which needs to be indexed. Ping is a test to check if the host is accessible or not. Pinging strategy can be used for new websites and websites with fresh content. 

How to Ping?

Now, this is a question that needs to be answered. You can ping your website through Command Prompt as well, but why would you waste your time by writing all the commands yourself when w3-tools has this awesome and free Online Ping Website Tool for you?

Online Ping Website tool by w3-tools

You can use our free ping website tool to ping your site absolutely for free. 

Main Features

  • Easy to Use
  • User-Friendly 
  • Accurate Pinging
  • 100% Free Forever
  • Ping each page of your site

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